Spending too much on your hiring process?

You need support in building a talent pipeline but tired of VMA invoices and agency margin hikes. Solution? Hybrid approach with SkillGigs direct sourcing model.

The best of both worlds

When you consider a SkillGigs hybrid direct sourcing model, vs your typical VMS or staffing agency model, you benefit from the price savings and transparency of direct sourcing in a marketplace, plus full-service management of the entire hiring lifecycle. Many companies overspend by 30% on their critical need-to-fill roles. By moving towards the solution that is a blend of technology and human support, you will save up to 20% on your annual spend.

Power of tech and human support

Here at SkillGigs, we see direct sourcing as being synonymous with the evolution of talent sourcing as a total process. The hybrid direct sourcing model is where you have enlisted the support of the SkillGigs operations to keep your talent management moving. When companies can harness the power of talent pools, it allows them to be agile while evaluating top-tier skillsets and expertise that is available.

Why you are overpaying

Simply put, often times there are too many layers between you and the talent. Yes, large vendors depend on smaller agencies to supply nurse candidates. Who pays for all these middlemen? You do. Just imagine — margins being stacked on top of margins. They will tell you that your VMS is free, but the VMS providers tack on 5% of the invoice cost on the fees that the staffing agencies pay. Guess what they do? They roll these into their numbers, and you eat these costs in the end. Price gouging is a real thing. No need to hope you are getting the best price. 

No more long-term contracts

With SkillGigs you no longer have to be concerned with long-term contracts with our 30-day cancellation clause. Simply supply the marketplace with the same jobs sent to a VMS or MSP. We will set up your account for you and load it up with jobs. Our tech will work those jobs 24/7 and you will have full transparency within your buyer account. Your hiring managers will be alerted when there are candidate submissions. You can schedule interviews and coordinate the timings with your dedicated SkillGigs Customer Service Manager to assist. Your coordinators will have access to review and download all required documents within our secure document management system.

And that’s it. You would be on your way to having the most modern and efficient talent supply program. You will save a ton of time and expenditure while having the candidates available at your fingertips.

Time is Now – Direct Sourcing

The longtime narrative behind the rise of direct sourcing is simple: it can drastically reduce costs. When companies don’t outsource or automate their recruitment process, the costs can be up to 35% higher (source). The length of the recruitment cycle is also reduced with direct sourcing, leading to cost savings in a variety of areas. While this is all impactful, we also want to expand the narrative and highlight the other critical benefits of this “hire faster” model. Download your free copy today!

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