4 Talent Acquisition Strategies To Land Talent
Talent Acquisition Strategies
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Find Top Talent Using These 4 Talent Acquisition Strategies

The foundation for the success of a company is its employees.

Unfortunately, sourcing and retaining employees of employees have been more difficult than ever, due to the lowest unemployment rate in the past decades and the Millennials and Gen Z’ers retention rate being less than two years. This is why it is so important to have a talent acquisition strategy in place.

For your business to grow, it is important that you can engage and preserve your top talent. The process can be a complicated one, but that is where a talent acquisition strategy can help.

The Difference Between A Talent Acquisition Strategy and Sourcing

A talent acquisition strategy is a short term strategy that used to help fill roles with candidates. On the flip side, talent acquisition is a long term strategy that is used to interest top talent to your company and help them bring their talents to your team. Remember, your talent acquisition’s goal doesn’t changes based on your open positions.

In recruitment, the name of the game is to plan, adapt, and innovate. The day of LinkedIn messages and attending career fairs is over, and your company needs to develop an effective way to acquire the best talent.

Always keep your business goals in mind.

It is important to align your candidate sourcing strategies with your company goals, both short term as well as years into the future. A key difference between simply recruiting employees to fill empty positions and seeking talent is that the latter focuses more on the long-term goals of your business. Talent acquisition allows you the possibility of finding employees that will be the key to your company’s growth and success.

For example, if your company plans to expand into Asia, it will be to your benefit to seek out employees with international experience or possible cultural connections. Similarly, it would be smart to acquire talented developers and software engineers if your company is looking into creating a new product to put onto the market. In certain instances, the specific roles you will need in the future might not have been developed yet, but it is always smart to consider what kind of talent and innovation you need in your employees to align with your possible long-term goals.

Take advantage of data and marketing.

Similar to marketing campaigns, talent acquisition strategies should be treated with the same amount of importance. After all, your success in convincing candidates to apply for positions within your company matters just as much as keeping sales up. Using data strategies will open many doors for you in terms of hiring the right people as well as tweaking your methods to perfection. First and foremost, data can be used to compile information about where your top talent usually comes from. This could prove to be extremely beneficial for future talent searches as well, as it will allow you to focus on specific programs and areas.

Furthermore, with some spreadsheet magic from the marketing team, your hiring process could be made a lot simpler with organized job applications, emails, and career pages. By comparing such data side by side, you can easily sort through the applicants as well as determine important factors that may be deterring talent from applying. Additionally, taking advantage of data may also alert you to the specific qualities that are attracting talented candidates, and allow you to highlight those within your webpage.

Find more ways to reach candidates.

To find the most talented candidates, you need to employ more than just one talent acquisition strategy. Depending on the particular position that you are looking to fill, you will need to use a corresponding method. For example, you certainly will not find the best programmers in the same place you found the best salespeople, so you need to incorporate diversity into your hiring approach.

Instead of spending your time searching for specific talent on social media platforms, it is wiser to attend networking events, find more specialized boards, as well as consider graduates of distinctive academic programs. For example, attending a hacking competition may present you with more talented coders than if you looked for them on Instagram.

Before finding specific talent, it is important to learn where the vast majority of your top talent will be. There are many possibilities, and it is crucial to perform research beforehand to ensure that you find the most qualified candidates. After you figure out whether your top candidates will be at professional events, conferences, social networks, or online forum, then you should focus on the act of actually reaching out. By creating stronger connections through the right network of people, it will present you with the best employees as well as strengthen your company name.

Bonus: Aim to improve employer branding.

Employer branding is essential for establishing a successful talent acquisition strategy; 62% of professionals among 26 countries rank employer brand as the determining factor when applying for a job.

When qualified applicants are considering different companies, they’re going to select the one with the best principles, community, and work-life balance. By creating an outstanding employer brand, you’ll attract more valuable talent and find more long-term growth.

Take into consideration how you can improve your branding to emphasize the best aspects of your company’s principles and culture. Try to not limit this to health benefits or compensation–you’ll also want to convey your excellent company culture, in which employees work well together and enjoy spending time with one another. You might mention your accommodating remote policy and other work-life balance benefits, or your company’s emphasis on further opportunities for growth.

A crucial thing to keep in mind a talent acquisition strategy that it is highly probable for your future employees to be looking at a review of your company on websites such as Glassdoor, as well as review your company’s webpage. Therefore, it is important to project your best aspects onto those sites as well. A simple review might be the difference in gaining well-qualified employees.

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