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You’re Hiring Top Tech Talent Wrong

Traditional ways of hiring top tech talent are so outdated.

Time and money are just not on your side with your current recruiting methods. No matter what you do, it seems like that perfect candidate is nowhere to be found, or even worse, slips through your fingers. Here are two of the main reasons why you feel it’s impossible to find that quality talent you need for your job.

1) Basic keyword searches are not effective

Hiring decisions can make or break the goals of your company and traditional resumes are an archaic way of shortlisting candidates as they don’t tell the person’s complete story. In today’s world of intelligence and data, there should be a better way of evaluating candidates within seconds instead of making decisions solely on the keywords on a resume that are most applicable to the job. And often times, basic keyword misses are what attributes to recruiters not making the connection to begin with.

2) The manual work involved is a pain

As an employer hiring top tech talent, your time is valuable and you simply don’t have enough hours in the day to dig through hundreds of old resumes trying to find those key skills that are vital to your job openings. While most companies set aside strict budgets for recruiting, you probably also don’t have the dollars to waste hiring the wrong candidates over and over again either. [check out our free resource on reducing recruiting costs]

Fortunately, we have the solution.

The SkillGigs patented 3D Resume makes your job—and life—a whole lot easier.

What is the 3D Resume?

Our next generation 3D Resume serves two purposes:

  • It functions as a personal branding tool for talent that’s packed with benefits to help them tell their professional story in a visually impactful way and get hired faster.
  • For companies, the 3D resume ensures employers no longer have to dig through long never-ending documents to determine if a candidate is the perfect fit. In seconds, you can clearly see if you’re ready to interview the candidate and seal the deal or continue searching.
  • Also for employers, where there has been scrutiny over resume bias, this AI-based technology limits the potential of bias occurring.

How is this even possible?

Good question.

What makes our 3D Resume so powerfully unique, are two key features: the skill and industry radars.

The skill density is a calculated snapshot of a job candidate’s acquired skills over the length of their career. It’s one of the first things you’ll see when reviewing a candidate’s 3D resume inside SkillGigs and is a true game-changer because it helps you make more informed hiring decisions quicker.

Have you ever wanted to know exactly how much time a candidate has actually spent on a particular skill? The skill density not only reveals their most used skills throughout their career but also analyzes each skill using percentages so you get a clear understanding of just how much time they actually spent sharpening each area of expertise.

Anyone can say they have experience in project management. But, what’s important to you is how much of the time are they actually managing projects.

The skill density shows exactly that and helps you hire the most qualified candidate every time.

Now that you know that your top candidate has the skills you need, what about their industry experience? How will you know if they can actually apply those skills in your industry?

Enter the industry density.

This visual analysis highlights a candidate’s most relevant industry experience so you can easily see if they’ve actually applied those key skills in relevant industries that the job opening calls for.

Together, the skill and industry density packs a powerful punch and enables the 3D resume to take your recruiting to the next level.

Ready to hire top tech talent faster, easier and smarter than ever before? Contact us to schedule a demo and sign-up for a free 30-day trial.