How To Attract Rockstar Tech Talent
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How To Hire Rock Star Tech Talent

The tech talent hiring process isn’t easy, especially when you get hit by the fatigue brought about by its repetitiveness. A position opens, you post an opening, applicants express intent, candidates are screened until you fill the position. If your company isn’t great at retention, you will find yourself repeating the same process more often. A process that can be expensive, time consuming and in the end will hold your business back. To avoid this, it is important that you hire the right people. These people are the Rockstar employees your company needs to be able to function at the best of its capacity, while keeping your workplace a great place to enjoy for the long-term.

If you feel you’re continually hiring the wrong people, it’s likely because your process isn’t where it needs to be. You can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. That’s what Albert Einstein called insanity (Yeah, we know you know that quote). It’s time to change things up.

The first problem is that you’re likely looking at hiring wrong. An effective way to look at hiring is that it is a sales process. In the job market, good applicants consider themselves a product they sell to companies. You can take that thinking and adapt it to your hiring process. Make your product the job, and the company and target your market: those rockstar employees. Package, promote and sell your product to be attractive to your target market so that they clamor to get your product.

How do you do this? There are 2 strategies you can employ to make your company, as an employer, attractive to your target market.

Start with taking a look at the specific vacancy to be filled, and imagine it as a product. What are its features? What are its benefits? What are the more specific details of your target market? Take this time to list out the benefits of the job, and the qualities of your target demographic, the rock star employee. Then make sure your job description matches the details of the target market. Assess if the product seems attractive to the target market and adjust as needed.

Once you feel confident that you now have a great product, it’s time to get that opening in front of the right people. The first steps you’ve probably taken is to introduce the product or announce the opening in online (your website, social media, newsletters and even internal announcements). Though they may be effective, you can’t be sure that you are indeed reaching those rockstar employees. You need to go where they are, be it on social media, online tech talent platforms like ours, or local events.

The second method that pairs perfectly with the above strategies involves establishing your company’s image as a rockstar employer. Rockstar employees want to work for rockstar employers. This can be a huge undertaking, but you can start small with these ideas:

Have an unconventional office and office culture. Google is famous for being an attractive place to work because of the quirkiness of its office. If you haven’t seen it, a quick image search will show you snapshots of their office, which will probably make you want to send in an application immediately. You don’t have to get as crazy as them, but even the small things count.

Offer additional benefits.  Consider investing in better food at the office, despite the additional cost – and offer free lunch either everyday or on certain days. Pair that with epic company outings, parties and even outreach activities, and you have yourself the start of an awesome company culture many rock star employees will love.

Have the best people. Rockstar employees want to work with and learn from the best. If you have the ability to, try to get industry leaders and influencers on your team. If not, don’t fret. You can establish your current people as industry influencers by investing in them. Have them trained and be certified with reputable establishments so they gain more knowledge in their craft. Promote them to your industry by having reliable media sources write about them. And have them gain a following through social media and blogging. This not only helps your company look more attractive, but in the end their new skills and talents will give you the upper hand in your industry. Always invest in your employees.

Whatever you choose to employ, it’s all about identifying the types of people you want on your team, and making your company and the specific job offer irresistible to them.

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