Podcast Spotlight: SkillGigs’ Amanda Joins ‘Engage Your Tribe’

Our marketing leader, Amanda Betts, recently was a guest on a podcast called ‘Engage Your Tribe’ (now called The B2B Content Show). This podcast, hosted Jeremy Shere, Founder and CEO of Tribal Knowledge, explores the art and science of audience engagement with a wide range of experts in content marketing, internal communications, corporate communications, customer experience, and more. He asked that Amanda join in on the discussion to share insights on what it’s like to grow the platform, SkillGigs, with marketing. Amanda speaks to:

  • the talented team here at SkillGigs
  • the time is now for marketing; connecting with more people about the innovations the platform provides
  • and what its like to build a marketing function when the priority has been on the tech build

Here’s a little sneak into the discussion:

Listen to the full 19 minute discussion here.