Release: SkillGigs Levels Up with Video Game Tournament Partnership




Talent Marketplace Challenges the Tech Industry with a Rewarding Gaming Tournament Hosted by Drop-In Gaming 

HOUSTON (JULY 2022) – SkillGigs Inc., a leading talent marketplace for healthcare and digital professionals, today announces an esports and video gaming tournament partnership with Drop-In Gaming, a competitive and social tournament gaming platform that brings gamers of all abilities together to compete and win cash prizes. The partnership tournament series known as SkillBash, is set to launch on July 18th. It will kick off with a 5-day tournament series with daily competitive cash prizes available across a variety of games. 

“We are excited to increase SkillGigs’ visibility and presence in the esports community with SkillGigs’ SkillBash,” said SkillGigs President of Digital Brad Hill. “This partnership with Drop-In Gaming allows our organization to support the growing connection between top tech talent and esports while showcasing the skill and competitive passion of gamers that are out there today.” 

SkillBash tournament series will take place over the course of 10 weeks, and players can sign up and register for free on Drop-In Gaming’s platform. Users in this tournament series can play in elimination brackets, customized matches, or daily and weekly tournaments for cash. The SkillGigs-sponsored scheduled tournaments, welcome members of the tech community, to game like the pros and test their skills for cash prizes.  

Drop-In Gaming’s platform brings together esports gamers, streamers, fans, and sponsors who all share a passion for competition and gaming across most games in the industry. Whether it’s a major franchise title or a niche fan favorite, the platform creates a place where gamers of all skill levels can compete to win cash prizes that are paid out instantly. Players can connect with other gamers by adding them to their social network and challenging them to a competition, creating a fun, friendly, and competitive environment on any gaming system of their choice. 

“Here at Drop-In Gaming, we believe that this partnership is going to level up the excitement and competition of our tournaments,” said Chief Marketing Officer Tanner Bogart at Drop-In Gaming. “This series with SkillGigs allows Drop-In Gaming to showcase how easy our platform is to host e-sport tournament events for major brands, like SkillGigs, who want to invest and connect with the rapidly growing esports community.”  

According to Accenture, the pandemic, technological advancement, and the widespread adoption of smartphones have skyrocketed the popularity of gaming by millions. In correlation with this growth surge, the value and social aspect of the gaming industry has multiplied drastically. The demographic of gamers has varied extremely, and the monetary value of the industry has increased by billions.  

The SkillBash Tournament Series will feature some of the most popular games being played today such as Apex, Call of Duty Black Ops, FIFA, Fortnite, Madden, The Show, NBA 2k, NHL, Super Smash Bros, and some fan favorites like Magic, the gathering, Dragon Ball Legends and Injustice 2.  

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About SkillGigs:
SkillGigs, Inc. is an AI-sourcing marketplace platform that connects skilled healthcare and technology job seekers with opportunities. Founded in 2017, on the belief that companies and talent want to interact in innovative ways, SkillGigs aims to remove traditional workforce barriers. The company implements patented software focused on matching skills to enable strong candidates for each position. SkillGigs is dedicated to empowering users with the freedom of choice and balancing the power equation between the job seeker and employers. For more information, please visit  

About Drop-In Gaming:
Drop-In Gaming is a revolutionary platform that brings gamers of all abilities and skill levels together, where all gamers have a chance to win large cash prizes through bracket play, matches, and tournaments. For more information, please visit 

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