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Introducing the SkillGigs Newsroom

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SkillGigs, the online auction-style job marketplace, today announced the launch of SkillGigs Newsroom, a centralized location for companies to discover the most up-to-date technology news and both macro and regional specific hiring trends. Companies struggling to find the right talent can use the SkillGigs Newsroom as a resource to gain insight into what it takes to discover and retain the right talent to move their company forward.

“With the unemployment rate in the technology sector at just three percent, finding the right talent can be difficult. We created the SkillGigs Newsroom to help businesses learn how to not only find the right talent, but to also create a powerful culture to attract the talent and keep them for the long haul,” said SkillGigs CEO and Co-Founder Kashif Aftab.

The SkillGigs Newsroom is not only for recruiters, but also caters to job seekers looking to land their dream job. It has information about resumes, interview skills, and salary expectations.

“The job interview can make or break a candidate; working in recruiting for nearly two decades I have seen candidates look perfect on paper but bomb the interview. With the SkillGigs Newsroom we want to help tech talent be at their best when meeting with hiring managers,” continued Aftab.

SkillGigs is free and easy to join for both job seekers or employers at Talent can sign up and immediately create a skill listing and 3D resume which breaks down the talent’s skillsets over the course of his or her career. Employers must sign up and go through a quick application process in order to be approved to access our marketplace and are only charged if they secure a successful hire.

About SkillGigs

SkillGigs is a Houston-based online auction-style job marketplace where talent can interact, post their skills and jobs, bid on opportunities and find the perfect match. SkillGigs compiles some of the hardest to find talent including Data Scientists, Full Stack Developers, DevOps Engineers, and Java Developers. SkillGigs is the next generation for job finding and hiring experience. This game-changing two-sided marketplace sets up talent and companies for optimal success with branding tools such as our patent pending 3D resume technology that helps market the talent distinctly. Follow SkillGigs on Twitter at @SkillGigsOnline.