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Marketplace Bidding

What is SkillGigs Bidding?

Talent can post a skill listing just like you would if you were using eBay to sell a product. But in this case, you are letting the employers in our marketplace know you are available to work on a full-time or contract basis. By doing this, you open yourself up to market bidding, which creates a pipeline of possible employer suitors for you. This provides you the power of choice and a way to find the perfect job fit.

If you receive a bid – congrats! Receiving a bid means your 3D Resume (Pat.) caught the attention of one of our top employers. Not only will you receive email and SMS notifications when this happens, but you can also find all bids in your dashboard through your SkillGigs account. Bids are a gateway for employers to communicate with you directly, and they are not permitted to send any messages or interview requests prior to placing a bid, bringing the power back to you! It is important to note when bidding, such as your hourly rate calculated by our bidding technology is confidential between employers and you.

Our software will automatically calculate the bill rate that employers will receive when you send in a bid and when you receive a bid your hourly rate is calculated based off the bill rate an employer desires to start bidding for your talent. Both of you can accept or deny BID requests, empowering you both to make final decisions on whether the opportunity to work together is the right fit.

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