New Company Profile Pages Helps Attract Top Talent
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SkillGigs For Employers Introduces New Company Profile Pages For Attracting Top Talent

We understand…attracting top tech talent – a group that is high in demand but low in supply – to your company can be a struggle in today’s competitive market. At SkillGigs we are always thinking about ways to support our employers in their efforts to recruit and hire the best talent.

We believe generating interest over internal projects going on in your organization and expressing your companies culture in a way that is appealing to talent is an important step in being able to successfully acquire top talent. Therefore, we are excited to announce our new and improved company profile pages for employers!

SkillGigs’ company profile pages help employers do the following:

  • Use culture as a selling point when attracting new talent by highlighting the “fun” aspects of an organization like company events, brand values, and team members.
  • Create a positive view of an organization’s company culture, making it more appealing to in-demand talent.
  • Highlight a company’s unique personality, which helps to attract like-minded people who share the same interest and values as its employees, which will, in turn, promote better synergy and eventual output.

Why is a company profile page important when attracting top talent?

Companies who are thorough in creating their profile pages typically experience a 30% increase in interview request acceptances and a 40% increase in “bids” from talent. This is because every Gig Listing you create and interview request you send is linked to your company profile page which helps talent in their initial research of your organization. The more information you provide about your organization the more interest you will generate. When you generate interest in your organization you increase both the probability that talent will accept your interview request as well as your chances of receiving an initial “bids” from talent who match your Gig Listings.

Log in today and make sure your company profile page includes:

  • description of what your organization does and what motivates you as an organization
  • description of the type of people that you look for
  • perks and benefits
  • interview process and expectations
  • photos of office space
  • team member photos and comments