The Anatomy of a Great Ruby on Rails Developer
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The Anatomy of a Ruby on Rails Developer

Ruby is a programming language created by Yukihiro Matsumoto that uses the software library of Rails. There are many definitions of it that are thrown around, but to keep it as simple as possible, Ruby on Rails is a development tool that provides a framework for web developers to write code. The cool thing about this platform is that it incorporates different coding languages as well like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

For those who want to be or are on the track to be a Ruby on Rails developer, here are some skills that are good to have as they are a part of the anatomy of a great Ruby on Rails Developer.

The Basics

Since Ruby is a language that combines many other ones, the ideal candidate should have knowledge in Ruby and Rails but also all coding languages that are used within the program. By being familiar with these, it makes it easier to write code and the program won’t be as intimated for those who would be newcomers to the game.

Capability to Produce Good Code

As with all programmers, a Ruby on Rails developer must be able to create code that is of high-quality and free of bugs. A good way to determine a candidate’s skills is by designing a test that covers important things throughout the development process. The ability to do this in an effective matter speaks volumes about the kind of work the candidate will provide if brought onto the team.


Although this is a no-brainer and very obvious quality, passionate Ruby on Rails developers are the ones who will give it their all when it comes to their work. These are the people who go the extra mile to learn everything that they can and share their knowledge with others to enlighten them.


This skill goes more along with the candidate fitting within your company culture – not a “perfect mold.” If someone does not fit in well with how things are run or get along with other people on the team, the chances of them staying are very slim. By losing this person, it ultimately results in a loss of efforts and time. It is much better to hire someone who has less experience but embraces the culture than the opposite.

Communication Skills

With all things in life, including work relationships, communication (verbal and written) plays a very important role for Ruby on Rails developers. By having poor communication skills, it will take a toll on productivity and possibly stall projects.