Top 10 Travel Nursing Instagram Accounts
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Top 10 Travel Nursing Instagram Accounts

Wondering who you should be following for your daily travel inspiration?

While it’s wonderful that there are so many people to follow, we know how crowded it can get – meaning you sometimes miss the best content on Instagram. We’ve done the heavy searching for you!

We’ve narrowed down our favorite accounts, featuring the best and most inspiring influencers on Instagram. Check out our picks for the top 10 travel nursing Instagram accounts you should be following! Counting down from # 10:

10. @paulzer1 – Paul Jerve

If you’re looking for beautiful landscapes, endless adventure, and vibrant colors of the world, you can find it all on @paulzer1’s Instagram profile. With most of his posts filled with landscape photography, Paul uniquely documents his experiences as a travel nurse through this gallery of personal adventures. Check out Paul’s latest posts below:

9. @beccas_travels – Bec Sachse

From across the globe, @becca_travels is documenting her experiences as a travel RN in South Australia. This is the perfect account for anyone that’s a fan of the land down under.  Along with capturing beautiful seascapes and island life, Bec also includes interesting architecture and cityscapes. Check out Becca’s latest additions to her collection:

8. @josfired – Jo

If you’re looking for inspiration for your personal Instagram, look no further! @josfired wonderfully captures what we believe travel nursing should be – full of adventure and full of fun! Jo includes pictures of some of the most beautiful places in the country and conveniently includes story highlights from her experiences in each state she travels to. Check out her latest posts below!

7. @tatumtyler – Tatum Tyler

Wishing you were somewhere tropical right now? Follow @tatumtyler’s adventure as she explores Oahu, Hawaii. This traveling ICU RN has traveled from coast to coast – and she shows no signs of slowing down any time soon! Check out her latest posts of Hawaii below:

6. @a_killaaa – Nurse Ki

Making up one-fourth of the group behind The Black Travel Nurse YouTube channel, Nurse Ki is the perfect account for photo inspiration. With plenty of unique backgrounds and vivid colors, @a_killa’s page gives us so many grid goals AND includes her followers in her journey as a travel nurse. Check out her latest posts below:


5. @passportsandpreemies – Kylee

When we say travel nurse, this nurse is REALLY traveling. With her latest adventure taking her to Singapore, you won’t want to miss out on this NICU’s journey around the world. For beautiful pictures inspiring your inner-world traveler, check out Kylee’s latest posts below:

4. @scrubsinasuitcase – Leah Gnitka

This cardiac travel nurse has traveled from sea to shining sea, with her latest adventure landing her in beautiful Seattle, WA. If you’re wishing you were somewhere deep in the mountains right now, this is the perfect page for you! Check out her latest here:

3. @annannna__ – Anna Nguyen

Still wish you were sunbathing next to a turquoise blue ocean? @annannna__ can take you there with the beautiful seascape photography of her latest adventure: Honolulu, Hawaii. Be sure to follow this NICU travel nurse before she moves on to her next adventure in Japan. You won’t want to miss that!

2. @sarah_gaines – Sarah Gaines

At this point in the list, you’ll probably notice a theme with these travel nurses: living their best life! This is exactly how we would describe our next influencer, Ms. Sarah Gaines. Not only does she include a variety of content including humor and travel, but @sarah_gaines offers her own experiences and travel nursing advice to anyone who asks. Her personality really shines through her Instagram, and definitely someone you won’t want to miss on your following.


1. @biancasoffer – Bianca Soffer

Who’s not following @biancasoffer!? With almost 90,000 followers, Bianca might be the most popular travel nurse on Instagram. Her beautifully planned out grid is sure to inspire your next Instagram moment.  We could try to describe this influencer, but we really can’t say it better than Bianca, herself – “Life is a journey and I’m just enjoying the ride.”

Check out photos from her latest journey down below:







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