Why You Should Extend Your Travel Nurse Contract
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Why You Should Extend Your Travel Nurse Contract

Travel Healthcare brings opportunities for new adventures every time you accept a new contract.

A fresh start every time you pack up and head to a new city.

But what if you are enjoying your current assignment and thinking about staying?

Extending a contract is a simple process.

Should I Extend?

So you are considering extending your current contract or maybe you’re curious as to the benefits of renewing your contract. Many factors can pull you to extend, from falling in love with a city to growing close to faculty and staff. Maybe you find yourself learning new things from a more experienced colleague or mentor and want to continue that growth. Whatever it may be, a contract extension allows you to explore that.

Benefits of Extending a Contract

The simplest fact is that extending a contract is far easier than moving on to a new contract. There is no hassle of relocation. There is no packing up and no unpacking or even worrying about finding housing. There are no worries about credentialing, fingerprinting, and no retraining. All you have to do is let us and your supervisor know you want to extend show up and work!

It is possible the needs of the facility have changed, and you are worried you won’t be able to extend your contract. In such a case, we can try to negotiate a better schedule for your contract extension period. It is also possible to negotiate higher pay and save money by extending your housing. A lot of the more seasoned healthcare travelers extend their contracts as a way to give themselves more time to search for the next destination.

How Can I Get an Extention?

So you’ve decided and are ready to take that first step, but wait, what is it? Step one is to let us and your supervisor know as soon as possible so we can begin making the arrangements. It’s a good idea to do that quickly, the earlier, the better. Next, you can let the staff and patients that you love so much that you are thinking of staying. After that, you should begin discussions for a potential extension and the facility’s needs with your manager. The ideal time to do this is at least a month before your contract is up. If you wait, they might have already hired your replacement or extended another healthcare traveler. It’s important that you keep in constant communications with your facility and us about your intentions and details on your desired contract length. This helps us negotiate for you and makes sure you get what you want!

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