Skilled Nurse Job Descriptions that Stand Out

Registered nurse jobs, as well as all healthcare, are in high demand right now.

If you are a healthcare professional who has a well-displayed skill listing, then you will be bombarded with opportunities in the SkillGigs marketplace. How do you make your choice? There are a number of obvious factors: 

  • Known facility 
  • Good pay (bid) rate 
  • Great location 

But what about the details when writing for a skilled nurse job descriptions? And we mean, really read between the lines. A well-thought-out job description is an insight into the potential cultural dynamics of the facility. Does the registered nurse (RN) job description help you understand the culture and the values? Does the RN job description give you an understanding of key expectations? And do they even list out any perks? Benefits and perks should be available no matter if you are a travel, contract, per diem, or permanent placement. And don’t undercut even the simplest of perks as they could be in place to help with camaraderie and team building through stressful times. 

SkillGigs is sharing with you a resource we would also share with employers. It is a breakdown of what makes a good job description to help attract talent, such as yourself. Each job description should include and start with three core areas: 

  • Company Overview/Culture 
  • Job description/Why you are hiring 
  • Benefits and perks 

Starting with these three sections is critical for job boards as well as for you, the user. We understand that as a candidate, you want to know about the facility as well as what the job is and what is in it for you – and as quickly as possible.  

Let us break down these sections into more details: 

Company Culture/Introduction:  

This is where a brief introduction should be about the healthcare facility or company and their culture described. This is the most important section, as it should be treated as a key selling point for candidates. It should emphasize company culture (day in the life of a team member) and anything else that makes the company amazing. Strong descriptions will include details here on what the company values are and any available career advancement or training the they provide. 

RN Job Description Details:  

Read the following as if you were filling out a mad lib: We are looking for a [RN job title here] who will take a key role on our team. Our [RN title here] will be responsible for [first key item], [second key item], and [third key item]. You will be working alongside other [team/function 1], [team/function 2], and [team/function 3]. The ideal candidate will be currently licensed and ready to take on the challenge of our fast-paced [facility type]. Our top [RN job title here] candidate will be quick-thinking and have graduated from an accredited nursing program. 

[RN job title here] Skills and Expertise {Then list several skills and responsibilities of the role. Remember to remove any that do not fit your specific role}

Benefits and Perks  

{{Insert the benefits or company perks here. You will want to emphasize health, any fitness perks, flexible work schedule, remote/hybrid details, company meetings, volunteer time off, etc.}}. 

Next Steps 

Well naturally, SkillGigs recommends that you have an account with us where you get direct access to top employers and positions. [Sign up and give it a try!] But nevertheless, demand is high for healthcare professionals. And we are here to help in any way.

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